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“The value of The Peel”, it’s our logo. It’s the second half of a reusable, non-damaging Grip & Peel™ user experience. Most products are designed to adhere, bond or grip. Few products are designed to peel. If you want to put your phone or any rigid object on the wall, the challenge is peeling it off. A rigid object can’t peel, it cleaves. THE BOW is the solution; it does the peeling for you, so you won’t damage your wall.

  • This experimental product is designed for smooth surfaces only

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Hey! GECKSKIN Scientists!

We have some experimental products we’re sharing with you to try, conduct your own experiments and tell us what you learn, like and want us to improve. We’re still conducting our own experiments, but you can accelerate our testing by sharing with us your applications, experiments and conclusions. Please write to us and send pictures, videos, comments, and suggestions.

Thank you!

The Felsuma Team