Business Model & Industries


Process Industries

Conveyor belts, straps, and pick-and-place are just a few of the industrial applications in a warehouse or manufacturing floor where the GECKSKIN® is a game changing technology. A conveyor belt can be unlocked for cleaning; pick-and-place machines don’t need sticky tapes and suction cups; and wasteful single-use plastic straps around pallets can be replaced by reusable straps with GECK on GECK™ closures. The GECKSKIN® technology’s grip and release capability brings new performance and methods to move products through the supply chain.


Machine operators require easy access to tools, supplies and instructions that have to be moved repeatedly around on metal, painted dry wall, painted cinderblock, and other surfaces. GECKSKIN® devices provide grip and release on a variety of surfaces, without surface damage, and can hold tools and labels. GRIPTILE™ products are used as labels—machinists clean them with IPA when they need to write new instructions, and they can easily store a database of information to pull out and reuse when needed. GRIPHOOK™ products hold tools and are easily moved to best fit operator needs.




Holding instruments on a wall to take a measurement, putting up a temporary wall, and holding tools to do a job—construction sites have innumerable activities requiring GRIP & PEEL™ on a variety of surfaces for a period of time.



Instead of tapes, glues, clips, rope and rubber bands for packaging, GECK on GECK™ closures provide repeated, load-bearing, adhesive-and surface damage-free, grip, seal and release—and you don’t have to line up tiny ridges.



GECK on GECK™ closures for jackets, bags, under-garments and shirts are thin, silent and easy. With strong shear force and easy release, they offer a user experience unlike any other closure and can be made from various fabrics.