Inspired by Nature

The ability of geckos to climb vertical and overhanging walls has long fascinated anyone who has seen a gecko. On this page are several devices and concepts to demonstrate the versatility of GECKSKIN® Technology. You may pre-order those that will be for sale.

Please send us your comments, suggestions and recommendations to tell us what will be most useful to you and why.

Dear GECKSKIN® Scientist:

Below are both devices-in-the-works and demonstrations of GECKSKIN® technology capabilities. For devices-in-the-works, we are accepting pre-orders. Your orders will help us prioritize our product development. We cannot yet predict when these will be ready to ship, so we’ll contact you for payment when we are ready to ship. Tell us what you want!


The Felsuma Team


We make closure GECKSKIN devices. Gripping GECKSKIN to itself, we have named GECK on GECK™. Slim, sleek, silent and simple, our GECK on GECK devices change the user experience of opening and closing….a jacket, a bag, a package, to name a few. As with all GECKSKIN devices, we can make these closures out of many different materials, to match the application. We also have several designs to make sure they close and stay closed.

If you’d like to know more about this product or if would like to discuss using GECKSKIN® Technology with a new application, please contact us to discuss integrating GECK on GECK™ closures into your products.


This is a single-use Grip & Peel™ device for industrial applications and rough (unfinished) surfaces. This device can grip even very rough textured surfaces such as unpainted wood. We caution against using it on finished surfaces for fear of damage. Note, untested: maximum load, the full extent of surface performance and maximum duration unknown.

Experimental product price (due to expire): $1.50 per GRIPHOOK FM™. Please let us know if you have any new and innovative ideas or suggestions. ORDER on the BUY GECKSKIN page.


This carbon fiber device demonstrates the unique power of GECKSKIN technology. The Pad is 2”x2” (5.08 cm x 5.08 cm), the same as the GRIPHOOK, but this device can hold 25 lbs (11.33 kgs) on glass. We can make different sizes.

Please contact Felsuma to discuss size and price of this device.


De-clutter surfaces – use vertical surfaces in a whole new way. The Grip & Peel™ capabilities of the GRIPHOOK allow you to hang up to 1 lb on any surface WHEN you want, WHERE you want, even if it’s just for the day. The GRIPHOOK is designed to hold 1 lb on any indoor surface in your home or office. It’s reusable and non-damaging.

Exclusive pre-order opportunity available. NOW PAY ONLY $3.50 PER GRIPHOOK™.  Please let us know how many you’d like and if you have any new and innovative ideas, suggestions, colors, etc. This is an introductory offer that is due to expire soon.


The GRIPCORD™ changes everything. THIS is when GECKSKIN® technology starts to take us into new dimensions of thinking about how to connect, hang, and decorate. The GRIPCORD™ is a dynamic product. You’ll find so many uses because you’ll be able to position something just so.

Special pre-order price (due to expire): $3.00 per GRIPCORD™. We will also introduce these with different designs, colors, shapes and sizes. Please let us know if you have any new and innovative ideas or suggestions. PRE-ORDER NOW!

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