PYCO™ Temporary Geckskin Caulking Roll

PYCO™ Temporary Geckskin Caulking Roll


“A simple, temporary solution”

Named for the Pyco gecko which makes its home in wet, rainy, rainforests, this temporary caulking is intended for use around your shower or bathtub. Lay down a strip of Pyco caulking in your shower or bathtub rim until you can have a professional fix it.

Pyco caulking uses Geckskin adhesion to temporarily cover gaps, say for example in a shower. Apply while dry and pinch it into the corner where the current caulking may be compromised. Should your caulking show signs of wear, we’ve designed this temporary caulking so that it will easily Grip the tile or porcelain in your bath or shower but just as easily Peel when you’re ready to remove it, providing temporary protection. This item is not a permanent solution for caulking, but rather a temporary “bandaid” until you can fix the problem permanently. Use is not limited to bathrooms: it is a substantial product and we welcome your experimentation to find new uses.

Dimensions: One Pyco™ temporary caulking roll is 1.5” (3.81 cm) wide and 5’ (1.524 m) long.

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