Ten GRIPTILE™ Mechanical Adhesives

Ten GRIPTILE™ Mechanical Adhesives


“A Universal Magnet”

Imagine using the magnet on your refrigerator or filing cabinet on any surface in your home or office. Or, return your non-metal refrigerator door into a central location for pictures, memos, invitations, calendars, dry cleaning receipts, etc.

Designed to hold only paper, the Griptile mechanical adhesive is a one-sided device that permits you to post a paper anywhere in your home or office. Use the Griptile mechanical adhesive as one would a magnet on a refrigerator: place paper under half of the surface-facing side of the tile, then apply and grip the tile to your surface of choice. When it’s time to move your item or tile, just peel the tile from the surface using the Toepad™ peel propagator.

Weight Capacity: Only paper

Dimensions: 1.25"x1.25" (3.175 cm x 3.175 cm) including Toepad™ for easy peel


  • For larger sheets of paper, use several Griptile mechanical adhesives

  • Write on the Griptile mechanical adhesive with permanent or temporary markers to make a note for yourself or others

Think Like Geckskin:

  • Use only for paper – this device is not designed to hold weight

  • Peel using the Toepad™ by slowly peeling diagonally down, across the device (180° peel)

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