GRIPSEAL™ Adhesive Sealant Strip Rolls

GRIPSEAL™ Adhesive Sealant Strip Rolls

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“Fast, easy, and it works”

GRIPSEAL™ adhesive thermal sealant strips can be used to seal gaps around windows, doors, or other air gaps. They’re quick, easy and they work. Use to seal the gap between air conditioners or for other similar purposes. Smooth, white, Gripseal strips are more attractive than industrial products and can be repositioned with no damage to many subtstrates. Like other Geckskin mechanical adhesives, Gripseal strips work with a variety of substrates. They are not for use on glass, but rather the materials that surround windows, such as wood and plastic. If Gripseal strips are left on glass they may delaminate and leave residue.

The premiere edition of this product includes a thermal cap layer for increased air-proofing and a richer user experience.

Dimensions: 1.5”x10’ (3.81 cm x 3.05 m)

Geckskin Mechanical Adhesives can be applied to nearly any hard, solid surface and removed without damage.

Premiere Edition:
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