Four PRINTED GRIPHOOK™ Mechanical Adhesives

Four PRINTED GRIPHOOK™ Mechanical Adhesives


This is a new experimental product - Griphooks with printing on them. For now, we have several seasonal prints and several utilitarian prints - use the key-printed Griphook for your keys, the hat for your hats, and so on.

GRIPHOOK™ mechanical adhesives can be applied to nearly any hard surface and hold up to a pound of weight. Now introducing: printed Griphooks.

Our first run of experimental Griphooks features four printed ideograph designs designed to give each of your Griphooks a function. Hang kitchen implements on your strawberry-printed Griphooks, a hat on the hat-printed Griphook, gardening-implements on the flower-printed Griphook, and so on.

Additionally, we have started to roll out logo printed Griphooks- please see the Geckskin-logo-printed Griphook. If you are a company or other organization and are interested in custom-printed Griphooks, please reach out.

When you’re ready to move the hook– say you’re experimenting with where to hang a photo, or you need to hang up your jacket in a coffee shop– just peel the hook gently from the wall (see Think Like Geckskin below for proper Peel instructions) like a gecko and PRESS the Griphook mechanical adhesive somewhere else.

Weight Capacity: up to 1 lb (0.45 kg)

Dimensions: The wall footprint is ~2.25”x2.25” (5.715 cm x 5.715 cm). The entire device area is ~2.25”x3.5” (5.715 cm x 8.89 cm)

Think Like Geckskin: Peel slowly from the Toepad™ peel propagator in the right top corner. Peel slowly diagonally down, across and parallel with the device (it’s called a 180° Peel) to minimize damage.

Printed Design:
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