Welcome GECKSKIN® Educators

GECKSKIN® Technology has captured the attention and imagination of parents, teachers and students worldwide. Based on mathematical concepts, made with everyday materials and implementing a systemic design, all inspired by the complex anatomy and performance of a gecko, GECKSKIN® is unique among “gecko-like” technologies. Recognizing these unique characteristics of this technology, thousands of educators and students have already contacted both Felsuma and our scientific founders, Al Crosby and Duncan Irschick, to learn about how this technology works and to request samples for school projects, classroom lectures, and lessons.

To assist with this educational pursuit, Felsuma is reserving a special section of our website for educators. We will post diagrams and videos for educators and students to download and use in your classes. We are offering an educator’s discount for all of our products so that teachers may order them for use in your lessons and classrooms.

GECKSKIN® Technology is real science, and we promise to maintain a commitment to science. Yes, we’ll have fun and make products that are fun, funky, colorful and focused on sustainability, but we’ll continue to be committed to scientific rigor and education. Please join us as we push forward in a new journey in the world of adhesives and fasteners.

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GECKSKIN® and Geckos

Based on new mathematical scaling principles, the GECKSKIN® Technology uses materials and geometry in ways that are analogous to the enabling morphological features found in geckos. In geckos, the spatulae, setae, and lamellae make up a hierarchical system that provides a surface that is soft to make intimate contact at micron and sub-micron size scales. At contact, the intermolecular bonds that are formed with the substrate are van der Waals bonds, which are rather weak but ubiquitous. These surface pad features are directly connected into the skin, which is integrated directly with connective, stiff tissue and tendons. This connective tissue and tendon structure then extends directly to the skeleton. This integrated network of stiff connections, from the surface to the skeleton, is critical for achieving the necessary force production for supporting an animal’s weight.

In the GECKSKIN® Technology, the pad does not directly replicate the complex hierarchy, including setae and spatula, of the gecko. Rather, the GECKSKIN® Technology pad uses molecular structure and geometry to enable intimate contact at micron and sub-micron size scales and the development of Van der Waals’ bonds. The pad is strongly connected to the “skin”, which is then directly integrated with the “tendon”. The materials and geometry of the materials in these components are selected to achieve the necessary stiffness for the desired force capacities.

Key, for both geckos and the GECKSKIN® Technology, is the purposeful control of stiff connections that allow elastic forces to be distributed appropriately while supporting weight or enabling an easy peel release.