Felsuma is a Grip & Peel™ technology and product development company.

Traditional adhesive tape technology relies on developing more aggressive and stickier chemical substances to maximize adhesive force. This is not ideal for applications where mobility, sustainability, and ease of use are critical to product innovation and differentiation.

The revolutionary new Geckskin® mechanical adhesive system changes that dynamic with a mathematical solution that allows developers to balance forces for optimal performance rather than solely concentrate on “sticking”. This reusable, non-damaging way to grip and peel opens the door to a new wave of high-performance applications.

Inspired by the gecko’s gravity defying mobility, biological and polymer scientists at the University of Massachusetts applied the underlying mathematical principles at work in the gecko’s unique tendon structure to launch a new frontier in adhesive technology that moves the science beyond single use, hazardous materials.

Using off-the-shelf materials, Felsuma LLC is leading the way in commercializing the patented Geckskin® technology to meet the most demanding market needs. We are currently working with major manufacturers, distributors and product development companies in a variety of fields, helping them pursue high-value, proprietary product innovations designed to leapfrog their competition.