Felsuma helps corporations manufacture with GeckSkin®

Felsuma, LLC works with customers, from corporations to inventors. Products built with GECKSKIN® Technology are ideal for a range of applications in numerous markets.  If you are interested in discussing an idea involving the use of GECKSKIN® in your product(s), contact our CEO Rana K. Gupta

Felsuma has developed a symbiotic model to address customers’ applications, IP development, and competitive advantage:

  • We’re a partner, not a vendor
  • Felsuma partners with our corporate customers to develop products for their sales and marketing pipelines
  • The ideal partner will work with us to create a superior, differentiated user experience

Felsuma oversees all stages from proof of concept to protoyping to design to manufacturing to commercialization:

  • Our products built with GECKSKIN® Technology are tuned and designed to meet the user needs specified by a customer for an application

  • Together we consider multiple variables to define the material and user experience

Felsuma possesses unlimited manufacturing capacity to deliver the designed components to customers.